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32 Oz. bottle of Eco Orange concentrate can produce between 10 and 15 bottles of this amazing product.
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About Eco Orange

We always strive to do the right thing.
Since 1984, Eco Orange has been in the people building people business. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers, our crews, and our company values.

Eco Orange produces the right products — We’ve blended technology and ecology to create the most powerful cleaning products on the planet. Our goal is to offer people the best cleaning solutions they can buy while protecting them from toxic, unhealthly, retail chemical products.

Eco Orange is committed to the planet’s health… and yours!

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Eco Orange 32 Oz. Bottle

Eco Orange; the world’s most powerful cleaning solution. Our 32 Oz. concentrate bottle has enough solution to create 10 to 15 more bottles the same size depending on dilution tables used.

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Eco Orange 1 Gallon

Eco Orange; 1 gallon jug has enough concentrate to fill 60 32 Oz. spray bottles. Eco Orange is eco-friendly, pet and child safe.
With Eco Orange, you will never have to have a cabinet full of any other cleaners. Eco Orange can clean most surfaces.

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Eco Orange 2.5 Gallon

Eco Orange; 2.5 gallon jug can create over 150 32 Oz. spray bottle of product. The convenience of one product for all cleaners is just about saving you money; it’s about saving you time and hassle. Not to mention the worries of accidental chemical mixes. Eco Orange is the single solution for all your cleaners.
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Eco Orange “How To” videos as well as a little overview of Eco Orange.

“After using other products on a home remodel, we were not able to remove paint and calcium deposits on the bathroom tile. We ordered Eco Orange after watching the YouTube video on how to remove paint and ordered a 32 ounce bottle, heated it up in the microwave, let it sit for 1 minute and the it came right off and the calcium just slid into the cloth.
Thanks Eco Orange, you really are the World’s Greatest Cleaner!”

Tracy M.

TM Enterprises

“I was having problems with my headlights on the car and tried buffing the plastic lenses with some stuff I bought at a big name store and it worked for about a month and started getting really dim at night again. A buddy of mine told me about your product and how it worked for his headlights, so I tried it and it worked great, 5 months later, they are still clear! I have purchased a gallon and use it as my primary cleaner around my house and shop.” Jerome L.

“Being a bed and breakfast curator is hard work and requires a lot of attention. We have been using Eco Orange for years and love it. It is a true multipurpose cleaner (which is nice when you have some many things to clean.) We started using it to clean our industrial kitchen hoods due to the grease build up, but then we started using it to remove residue from the tub and shower. We even use it to dissolve the hard white build up on the shower heads, by placing the diluted amount in very hot water for 10-15 minutes. Eco Orange is the best for us and our company.” Dana T.

Easy Livin' B&B

“As a shop foreman, keeping our garage clean is a tough thing to do. We have used other degreasers to remove the oil and grease from our floors, but the biggest things with that was, they were a caustic chemical and really had a bad smell. Not only that, the fumes were enough to kill you. With Eco Orange, there was no harsh smell, no chemical burns to the lungs and eyes, and if we got it on our skin, it didn’t burn. This stuff is amazing and we use A LOT of it. There is no other product that I feel safe using around my kids and and shop dog. Keep up the great work an we love ECO ORANGE!” John G

Mechanic, Big J's Garage


We are happy to answer any questions. Here are a few for starters:
Eco Orange is a concentrate. What does that mean?

Simply put, it means you get a whole lot of cleaner in one bottle or jug. A concentrate is something that must be diluted. For Eco Orange, water is needed to activate the product. Your bottle or jug of Eco Orange came with dilution directions on the label. For example, when cleaning kitchen countertops, you would use 1 part Eco Orange and mix with 15 parts water. We recommend you purchase a cheap spray bottle, use a Sharpie to label it, and make your Eco Orange mixture.

A 1 quart bottle (32. fl. oz.) of Eco Orange can make approximately 15 quarts of solution. That’s more than enough to last a year or two.

Is Eco Orange safe to use around children?


Absolutely. Eco Orange contains no toxins, no solvents, no bleach, no acids, no ammonia and no unnatural chemicals. It does not “off-gas” or leave a dangerous odor in the air, nor does it leave any harmful residues and films. Eco Orange is a proprietary formula containing orange oil, plant-derived extracts and surfactants, which is a fancy word for soap.

Is Eco Orange safe to use around pets?

Eco Orange is safe for pets and on surfaces with which your pets may come in contact. If Eco Orange comes in contact with your pets’ fur or skin, as a precaution you should gently wipe or rinse it off with water.

Is Eco Orange a disinfectant/sanitizer?

Eco Orange contains orange oil (d-Limonene) and citrus extracts, the acids of which act as a natural sanitizer and disinfectant without the harsh smells or toxic chemicals.

What does it mean that Eco Orange is biodegradable?

It means that the solution will breakdown in the environment and convert to elements typically found in nature.

Do you have any coupons or specials?

Because you landed here at our homepage, you should have seen a little pop-up box offering a 25% off coupon to use on Amazon for our 1 quart bottle or 1 gallon jug. All we ask is for your email address so we can send offers and tips from time to time. We promise never to share your email address and we’ll never spam you.

Is Eco Orange safe for natural stone?

Yes it is, as long as the natural stone, such as marble, has been properly sealed.

What surfaces can you use Eco Orange on?

Any water-safe surface you can think of: Cloth, canvas, countertops, fiberglass, chrome, plastic, leather, wood floor, vinyl, glass, windows, marble (sealed), grills, ovens, stoves, painted surfaces, carpet, concrete, linoleum, tile. The list is endless.

Make sure you follow the proper dilution recommendations on the label. Never apply Eco Orange as a straight concentrate. It must be activated by water.

How does Eco Orange work on stains?

Check out our videos above as we demonstrate its power on stubborn stains. Eco Orange works stains caused by alcohol, blood, wine, pets, grass, grape, grease, ink, nicotine and more.

Consider the surface that the stain is on and follow the proper dilution requirement. For stubborn stains, we recommend you spray the surface, be it the carpet or clothing, and let sit before blotting or rinsing it out. Never rub the stain as you may break down the fibers.

Also, always check for colorfastness before using Eco Orange to make sure dyed in colors won’t fade or wash out. We recommend testing an inconspicuous spot. Spray some Eco and blot at it to see if any color lifts.

Is Eco Orange safe to ingest?

Back in the day, many of our door-to-door demonstrators were known to drink Eco Orange to prove that it is non-toxic and all-natural. But it still has soap, and that can be a tummy irritant, not to mention taste nasty. With that said:

Do not ingest any cleaning product. Period.

If someone were to swallow our Eco Orange concentrate, drink a glass of milk or water and contact the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ 24-hour hotline at (800) 222-1222.

Even non-toxic ingredients may be harmful if swallowed. That’s why we have a child-proof twist cap on our product. Please keep Eco Orange out of reach from children.

Is Eco Orange safe for septic tanks?

Yes. Eco Orange does not contain phosphates, hydrocarbons or solvents. It is 100% biodegradable and safe for septic/gray water tanks.

Where is Eco Orange made?

Right here in the good-ol’ USA — Denver and Idaho, specifically. It’s been that way for more than 25 years.

Has Eco Orange ever been tested on animals?

Never, ever, ever, ever.

What a reprehensible notion that folks in the cleaning products industry feel that animal testing is necessary to make a quality product. (Sorry for the soap box.)

Is Eco Orange available at retail stores?

No, it’s not.

We sell it on Amazon exclusively. By taking out the middle man (distributors/retailers), we can offer the product at a much lower rate. Amazon shoppers are savvy, smart, scrutinizing and search for the best products and prices, and so we think this is the perfect medium to sell Eco Orange.

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