All Purpose Cleaners

Eco Orange is a very diverse cleaning product.

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This all purpose cleaner can be used for a variety of projects.

Eco Orange was created to make cleaning a lot easier for everyone.
There are many all purpose cleaners on the market today, but how many of them are Eco friendly, pet and child safe and biodegradable?
Our Eco Orange all purpose cleaner can cut through the toughest grit and grime as well as lighter materials such as grass and dirt stains.
Eco Orange can be used in your laundry to clean clothing as well.
This all purpose cleaner will replace all other cleaners at a fraction of the cost. If you take a look at our diagram on saving you money, you will see what conversion is.
Eco Orange can be used on any surface such as: glass, marble, tile, carpet.
Our all purpose cleaner is safe for the environment and will not damage your furniture or carpeting. Here are a few videos showing our many uses of our all purpose cleaner.

Here we are showing how our all purpose cleaner can remove the rust from an old bumper.

In this video, we are showing you how our all purpose cleaner removes burnt in grime on your stove top.

We strive to make cleaning easier for our customers and pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our all purpose cleaning products. We know that once you use our cleaning products, you will never use the other guys again.
One 32 oz. bottle of Eco Orange converts to 480 oz. A fraction of the cost of other all purpose cleaners per ounce.
At an average cost of $2.98 or more for a single 32 oz. bottle of other cleaner, Eco orange can provide up to 15 bottles in one.
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How to use

Eco-Orange all purpose cleaner

Directions of ECO-ORANGE™ absolutely must be diluted with water according to the dilution scale. Apply to water-safe surfaces, allow adequate time for

ECO-ORANGE™ all purpose cleaner

to penetrate the stain. Then, simply wipe away with clean dry cloth, no rinsing necessary! Although safe on most water-safe surfaces – it is highly recommended to pretest on an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning carpets, painted surfaces, fabric upholstery or other surfaces which may no be colorfast. (Carpet: may need to be rinsed.) Example of Bottle Sizes Add cleaner amount then fill the rest with water Ratio.