That “red plastic cup” in the top of the bottle is called a cap-plug. We place it in there for added spill protectioWith Capplug & withoutn during shipping. If the aluminum foil heat-seal cover is missing, that is because we tore it off when we received it from our bottler as it was likely not adhering properly. This happens in about 1 out of 100 bottles. We open each bottle we receive from our bottler and test each aluminum seal. If it appears breached, we remove it entirely and add a cap-plug. The cleaning product has not been tampered with.

We bottle our proprietary formula in Denver. When it is freighted by truck to us, it travels over the Rocky Mountains at high elevations (9,000’+) to our location in Western Colorado. Going over the mountains causes pressure changes and expansion of the bottles. Sometimes that expansion causes the heat seal to break. That’s why we quality check each bottle before sending it to Amazon and to our customers.