okay so i am going to take our echo orange and our magic sponge and let me try to take off this marker i have not done that yet at all so I’m probably just going to use a we should dilute it but i’m just going to use a straight-up┬ásolution it’s actually going to come out of our little sample bag that we have here so inside of it is there are not ate sponges and then our echo orange┬ásolution so this is a full concentrate and see if i can open its open hand doubt it got it okay so um yeah so what I’m going to do is put the street solution right to the pad so as you can see there now let’s see what that does you look at that Wow oh boy I’m not pressing hard at all as I can’t really put a lot of pressure on their data before the same thing that wow that’s pretty amazing sheesh well I’m gonna have to have to get it more hands to do the rest of it fit that’s that’s actually coming up really good I’m very even putting any pressure on that at all so I think that the echo orange marker wow it’s pretty good well I think that’s going to clean that up pretty nice so what I’ll do is I’m going to go ahead and finish cleaning that up and then I’ll finish the rest of the video up with it clean but that’s permanent marker and it’s coming up really good with the echo orange so I’m going to stop this now and I’ll be back in a little bit alright well that’s that’s that I mean I clean it right up you may want to be careful because like right here this is just the solution may want to if you if you’ve got it that bad on the back or whatever it’s just wet when you’ll probably dry under here but I don’t know for sure I just finished up so what I’ll end up doing is going back over cleaning it all up but this right here there’s no abrasion there’s no scratching all of that is gone so if you want to clean marker permanent marker off of your video game systems your games echo orange is the way to go this is amazing stuff so thanks for watching guys you can order yours at WWF for our amazon purchase you can get the concentrate which is in 32 ounce and one gallon bottles so thanks for watching have a good one you