Eco Friendly Swiffer Replacements

Swiffer replacement pads can get pretty costly. They’re also not very good for the environment. Imagine the millions of Swiffer sheets being piled into landfills all over our country – the numbers begin to add up. So it might be a good idea to save a bit of money and save a bit of the Earth since every effort counts! Using terry cloths, and Eco Orange is a great alternative to the expensive Swiffer solution refills or their wet AND dry pads. A 60 ct. package of terry cloths is about $24 at a wholesale retailer like Costco or Sam’s Club. Compared to the refills of Swiffer – this is incredibly inexpensive considering you can wash and reuse these terry cloths. A package of wet swiffer pads are $9 for 12 and the dry package is $14 for 32 non-reusable pads. Combined, it would be $23 – that’s about the same price as the terry cloths but you would only be able to use them once.

The convenience of the Swiffer has taken the country by storm. It’s lightweight, durable, and easily slides into crevices that are far too dodgy for any self respecting human to inspect. However, could this convenience have gone to far with these one time use cleaning pads? Many would say yes. Too easily customers can substitute terry cloths for these expensive, glorified paper towels. Terry cloths are much more durable yet they are thin enough to get locked into the graspers that the Swiffer has to hold the wipe into place. If you want to get a little fancy, here’s a great tutorial¬†on how to make your own custom made cloths with a bit of sewing. Perhaps the easiest DIY Swiffer wipe was old socks that were easily reusable.

Eco Orange Eco Replacements

Now that you’ve saved a bit of money, cleaned a bit, and saved part of the Earth, why don’t you get yourself a little reward! Ice cream, anyone?