First, a primer on the difference between a disinfectant and sanitizer. The terms are used interchangeably and cause confusion.

• Disinfectant: Kills, destroys and inactivates germs dwelling on inanimate surfaces such as floors, countertops, etc.
• Sanitizer: Reduces or lessens germs on inanimate surfaces to levels considered food safe by public health codes.

Eco Orange contains orange oil (d-Limonene) and citrus extracts, the acids of which act as a NATURAL sanitizer without the harsh smells or toxic chemicals. Use it all day long to sanitize at a 15:1 ratio.

Eco Orange as a true disinfectant? We can’t make that claim because our formula does not contain bleach, phenols, ammonium compounds, or even hydrogen peroxide – all EPA-registered disinfectants with bleach or phenols being the gold standard.

If you want to make Eco a natural disinfectant, boil some water, pour into a spray bottle (be careful), add Eco Orange concentrate at 15:1. Spray and wipe. Take precautions to prevent scalding yourself when cleaning with this method.

If you absolutely need a one-time, true, medical-grade disinfectant solution for that rare occasion you’re countertop has been exposed to blood-borne pathogens, here’s how to turn Eco Orange into one.

Let’s say someone cuts their fingers chopping onions and it’s a gusher. You will want to add a capful of bleach to a 15:1 Eco dilution in a 26 oz. spray bottle. Spray the area, allow it to “dwell” for 5 minutes (according to the CDC), and wipe it down. It is absolutely safe to add bleach to Eco. No adverse chemical reaction will occur. Make sure to ventilate the area you plan to clean.