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Have you ever had clothes that you just washed come out with what looks like rust stains? Most likely, chlorine in bleach caused iron in the water to leach out . (This is normal in areas with hard water, so old pipes filled with rust are also partly in blame.) To remedy this, soak the stains with EQUAL parts of lemon juice and water, and then wash the clothes again, but LEAVE OUT THE BLEACH. Keep in mind that many detergents contain bleach as an additive, so check the label carefully. NOTE: Soak and wash the stained garments right away, before you dry them!

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The black, tarlike substance produced by the spores of artillery fungus have been giving East Coast homeowners trouble for years. We suggest a 20-1 ratio, tested in an inconspicuous area, and increasing the ratio as necessary. NOTE: Never use full strength without testing first!

Insect Pests

Mix citrus peels with half a bottle of beer, half a pack of yeast, and a quart of warm water. Let it ferment for two days. Then pour the mixture into a shallow pan, and set the pan in your garden. Snails and slugs will either drink themselves to death or drown. Orange and lemon peels scattered throughout a garden will help keep dogs and cats out.
Orange peels are toxic to ants. Put some ground-up orange peels on the top of an ant mound and cover it…bye-bye ants! Fill empty orange and grapefruit halves with a mixture of birdseed and suet to feed the birds. Hang them by a string in the tree or just tack tack them to the trunk.

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