hi I’m Stuart with echo orange we’re just here to talk to you about something that’s been around for over 20 years and that’s the greenest cleaner on the market now for over 20 years we’ve been bringing this door to door direct sales to your business to your home but thanks to modern technology we’re going to give you guys the opportunity with a couple demonstrations here to clean with something green remember this cleaner has no vocs no ammonia no bleach none of the harsh chemicals a lot of your cleaners at the store have we’ve been a green cleaner since 1984 not to mention how powerful this stuff is because you get it straight you add your own water to it you scrub with it make it strong for you one back it off and when you need to that’s how it actually saves you a couple of bucks by using your tap water our green cleaner let’s do an example let me show you how this stuff works we’re going to go straight to the oven right here which is an eyesore for a lot of people I get it I understand here’s a bottle right here that we just diluted down or was an old spray bottle would had some cleaner in it we just rinsed it out real good I’m going to spray a little echo orange on there but I’m actually going to let it sit for a minute now if you know anything about oven cleaners you know how harsh they can be there really tough to clean with you don’t want to breathe em in I get it I understand totally the nice thing about eckel oranges is that once you do clean with it it’s real easy to maintain so I wish I could tell you that you didn’t have to scrub but I’d be lying I’m going to scrub you’re going to scrub and that’s how we’re going to get things clean around here little sponge with the scrubby just like you have on your kitchen sink I get it here it is right here over it was just going to kind of scrub in a circular motion a little bit and I’m not killing myself doing this you got to put a little elbow grease behind it like I said don’t be afraid to scrub to keep your nice stuff looking nice but if you notice I’m not wearing gloves I’m not wearing a gas mask all up doing is with echo orange one of the toughest things to clean in anybody’s house look at that I can already see through there with a little bit of scrubbing to let the cleaner sit a little bit longer this is going to be a job that you used to run from now you’re going to welcome the opportunity to keep your oven nice and clean