Use a 15-to-1 ratio — 15 parts water and 1 part Eco Orange. And don’t fret if it’s not a perfect ratio. Eyeballing it is just fine as Eco Orange is not a dangerous compound in any way.

If you’re mopping from a bucket, mix your Eco and water in there. There is no need to re-mop with clean water when done. There should be no film or residue left behind if your Eco is properly diluted.

If using a Swiffer mop, grab a spray bottle filled with Eco Orange and water dilution (15:1), spray the tile floor with it, and then mop it up with the Swiffer. If you have some serious baked-in grime on the tile, spray the Eco Orange mixture and let it sit for a minute; it should come right up when you mop.

If by chance you have porous tiles in which black gunk gets in those pores, a pass of the Swiffer won’t reach below tile surface level. And if you are a clean freak, it’s likely that those tiny dirty pores bother might bother you. We recommend that once or twice a year you spray Eco Orange mixture onto the porous tile and employ a Magic Erase sponge in a circular motion. No hard pressure is needed. It comes right out of those porous crevices. It’s amazing.