Lime scale, also known as hard water stains, is probably one of the most toughest jobs for any cleaner. Lime scale happens, for example, when the accumulated water after a shower evaporates and leaves behind natural deposits like minerals on a glass shower door. Soap scum then attaches to it and the problem becomes exacerbated. 

Up the potency to 1 part Eco Orange to 5 parts water. Next go buy an abrasive (even Eco Orange needs a little help sometimes). We recommend super-fine grade steel wool #0000. You can find it at most hardware stores like Home Depot. Spray Eco on the area, let it soak in and GENTLY scrub with the wool. Only go as hard as you need to and watch for potential scratching. It is an abrasive so go easy with the elbow grease.

Because Eco Orange is all-natural, there are no caustic chemicals to burn through the lime scale. We think that’s a good thing. Caustic chemicals like ammonia or Lime Away have VOCs and off-gassing, though they will eat through certain stains. In summation, on certain jobs Eco Orange needs a little help in the form of an abrasive (green scrubby, steel wool, Magic Erase sponge) to increase its effectiveness while still keeping your family and surfaces safe.